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Antminer E3 is on sale !

Featuring 180mhs for 800w, its stats are similar to a 6 GPU equipment. Of course the main difference is the price – 800$USD. Since it ships mid-July at earliest profitability is again not a certain thing. GPU miners are already proposing ASIC resistant switches to the ETH ecosystem and other similar coins. Buy it on the Bitmain webpagina directly if you voorwaarde.

Latest Miner updates !

With rumored ETH ASICs around the corner, falling prices and rising difficulty many people are losing faith ter mining. Welcome to Crypto is all I have to say

–Nicehash Miner now Two.0.Two.0 Alpha with excavator update

Note that you will have to upgrade all Cryptonight miners – Most coins are switching the algo to CryptoNightV7 due to the ASICs.

DragonMint T1 miner update

DragonMint is taking pre-orders for their miners shipping inbetween the end of March and May. They will have three miners – Blake2b (SIA), Blake256 (Decred) and SHA256 for Bitcoin. The most interesting miner is the T1.

The T1 features a whopping 16Ths for 1600w, which means it is the most efficient miner that is publicly available to buy. It has overt ASICBOOST capabilities (you need to mine on a pool that supports the feature). Ter tegenstelling, Bitmain miners reportedly have covert ASICBOOST. Ter the next few months wij can expect Bitmain to also come out with an updated miner with a much better efficiency and hashrate.

It seems all of those who bought S9s for latest farm builds are going to be feeling the agony of lower prices and higher difficulty for the foreseeable future. The profit bump since the Bitcoin Metselspecie fork is coming to an end.

Claymore ETH Dual Miner v11.Four

Fresh update for ETH miners: V11.Four from Claymore. Albeit some people are switching overheen to PhoenixMiner V2.7c, you should compare for yourself and check the results on the pool where you are mining. The latest version includes an auto-detect feature for -dcri options te ETH only mining, which is fairly useful if you toevluchthaven’t optimized your GPUs yet. RX550 cards also get a puny bump te speed with ASM.

Edited for 11.Four. Now with less stale shares !

Update for Mining Software

Wij have some pretty significant mining news.

  • Bminer is now version Five.Four.0. Seems to be the fastest miner but do your own tests vs DSTM vs EWBF depending on your hardware.
  • Claymore has a fresh Neoscrypt Miner for AMD. Check it out here !

Dual mining lives again !

Claymore has updated the Dual ETH miner to v11.0. Now you can mine keccak or blake2s spil a 2nd coin. The toverfee also has bot brought down to 1.5% when dual mining. Blessed Mining !

– added fresh algorithm for dual mode: blake2s (stratum pools only), use “-dcoin blake2s” option.

– added fresh algorithm for dual mode: keccak (stratum pools only), use “-dcoin keccak” option.

– diminished devfee for dual mode, now it is 1.5%.

– for 2GB cards devfee is liquidated downright, i.e. on 2GB cards you can mine all ETH forks without devfee. Check Readme for details.

– “-asm 2” option value now supports Tahiti, Tonga, Ellesmere, Baffin, ter some cases it can be a bit quicker te ETH-only mode.

– eliminated “-allcoins exp” option value.

– a few minor bug fixes and improvements.

Updates for GPU Mining software

Wij have a few updates for mining software for all you GPU miners.

  • Claymore’s ETH dual miner is now at v10.6. The latest updates were mostly security updates (if so some reason you expose your mining equipments directly to the internet – which you should obviously not do). Also fixes temperature bugs with the latest AMD drivers.
  • Phoenix Miner v2.5d. This is a fresh ETH miner, quicker than Claymore but still te DEV and can be unstable depending on your hardware. Check it out here !
  • MKXminer v3.0.1. This update for lyra2rev2 permits you to mine at any pool, not just SSL pools. A few petite problems were stationary and a linux version is out/incoming.
  • Gateless Gate Acute v.1.Two.Ten. Still te DEV, but very promising multi-algo all te one miner. Top notch work from Zawawa again.
  • Nemosminer v2.Four.1. An update for the auto-switching NVIDIA software. Includes the newest ccminers for various algos.
  • CCMINER by Tpruvot is now at v2.Two.Four. Get it here !

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