The Information Office of the State Council published a white paper titled China’s Efforts and Achievements te Promoting the Rule of Law here Thursday.

Following is the utter text:

China’s Efforts and Achievements te Promoting the Rule of Law

Information Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China

February 2008, Beijing

I. Historical Course of Building a Socialist Country under the Rule of Law

II. Legislation and Legal System with Chinese Characteristics

III. Legal Systems of Respecting and Safeguarding Human Rights

IV. Legal Systems Regulating the Order of the Market Economy

V. Administration by Law and Building a Government under the Rule of Law

VI. Judicial System and Fair Administration of Justice

VII. Popularization and Education of the Law

VIII. International Exchange and Cooperation ter Legal Construction

List of Current Effective Laws of the People’s Republic of China

The rule of law represents that a political civilization has developed to a certain historic stage. Spil the crystallization of human wisdom, it is desired and pursued by people of all countries.

The Chinese people have made protracted and unremitting fights for democracy, freedom, equality and the building of a country under the rule of law. They know well the significance and value of the rule of law, and thus cherish the fruits they have achieved te building China into a country under the rule of law.

The rule of law te a country is determined by and conforms to its national conditions and social system. To govern the country according to law and build a socialist country under the rule of law is the Chinese people’s request, pursuit and practice.

The Communist Party of China (CPC) has led the Chinese people te successfully opening up the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Along this road, China, ter line with the objective requirements arising ter the course of continuous economic, political, cultural and social development, has upheld the organic unity of the CPC’s leadership, the position of the people spil masters of the country and law-based governance, stuck to the principle of people very first, advocated the spirit of the rule of law, fostered the idea of democracy and rule of law, freedom and equality, fairness and justice, developed and improved the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics, promoted the exercise of administrative functions te accordance with the law ter all respects, deepened the reform of the judicial system, perfected the mechanism of restraint of and supervision overheen the use of power, ensured the citizens’ lawful rights and interests, maintained social harmony and stability, and continuously promoted institutionalization of all work.

The Chinese people are comprehensively implementing the rule of law spil a fundamental principle, and speeding up the building of a socialist country under the rule of law. This is a superb, unprecedented social practice involving 1.Trio billion Chinese people under the leadership of the CPC. The Chinese nation, with a long history and splendid civilization, is striding ahead on the road of democracy and the rule of law, and opening up a fresh area ter the development of human political civilization.

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