Tutorial for Ethereum Mining on a Gaming PC: How to Earn Money on the Side

Steeply rising prices of several crypto currencies have caused a gold rush among gamers. AMD Radeon GPUs of the RX 470/480 and RX 570/580 series are selling out. Read our tips for setting up a mining operation on a desktop PC running Windows.

Crypto currency mining makes it possible to earn money with the computing power of your PC – if you own a powerful graphics card. Especially Radeon GPUs of the RX 470/480 and RX 570/580 series are well suited for this. The older Radeon R9 290/290X cards work fine spil well. You can earn about 150 euros a month ter Ethereum with a single Radeon RX 480 at the uur. If you have two, this nets you overheen 300 euros at current prices. Ethereum’s value has enlargened rapidly ter the last few months. Te January 2018, one ETH wasgoed worth less than Ten euros, but thesis days, it has enlargened to well overheen 300 euros.

The price of Ethereum has bot going through the roof lately. (Source: Finanzen.nipt)

It is no petite wonder, therefore, that almost all of the aforementioned Radeon cards have bot swept up by antsy buyers. Nvidia cards aren’t affected and can still be bought lightly, spil they are a loterijlot less efficient at mining Ethereum blocks. This even goes for newer, expensive Pascal models like the GeForce GTX 1000.

Pretty much any desktop PC running Windows can be relatively lightly converted into a mining equipment, provided it includes a GPU that supports OpenCL and has at least Trio GB of movie memory. The CPU isn’t a factor, spil isn’t the PCIe speed. However, 8 GB of RAM and 50 GB of disk space should be available for crunching Ethereum blocks.

Tutorial: Ethereum Mining Made Effortless

There are many tutorials and how-tos out there when it comes to mining Ethereum – and many of them are contradicting each other. Newcomers tend to quickly lose their motivation wading through all of this, which is why wij ready a quick and dirty tutorial on how to convert a Windows Ten PC with two Radeon RX 480s into a working mining equipment. This equipment will reliably crunch at 51 Megahashes a 2nd (MH/s), which presently earns you above 300 euros a month. You do have to subtract tens unit costs from this, however – te Gemany this would be around 80 euros a month. Please be aware that the ETH price is liable to collapse at some point. You very likely shouldn’t be buying GPUs just for mining, then. Cautiously think about how much you’ll spend and would earn ter comeback before embarking on this project.

Before you begin mining, update your graphics driver. Our two Radeon RX 480s are using the Crimson ReLive 17.6.1 driver which can be downloaded directly from AMD. Several sources on the web are claiming that older drivers can reach better hash rates, but wij could not substantiate this at all.

Our home-made mining equipment: Two Radeon RX 480s can do 51 megahashes a 2nd. (Source: heise online)

You need two programs to mine Ethereum: Geth to synchronise the blockchain with the network and ethminer to do the actual mining.

Very first, download the current version of Geth from ethereum.org and install it. By default this happens ter

Open the Windows instruction line (klapper the Windows key, type “cmd”, succesnummer Comeback) and switch into the Geth folder. Ter our case, wij’d type cd “Program Files\Geth”.

geth account fresh

creates an Ethereum address that will collect the ETH you mine. Geth requires a password to protect your Ethereum wallet. This password should be ingewikkeld enough not be be attacked lightly by brute force or dictionary attacks. Significant: Note this password down somewhere and keep it safe. Without it, you will never have access to your ETH everzwijn again. Once this is concluded, Geth will output your Ethereum address embedded te curly braces. This is where the Ethereum you mine will be deposited. Save this address ter a text verkeersopstopping.

Geth is synchronising the blockchain with the Ethereum network. This can take hours. (Source: heise online)

Geth needs to synchronise the blockchain with the Ethereum network at this point. To do this, it needs to download all blocks of the blockchain. Execute the following instruction:

Block 57646 of 3861421. This will take a while. (Source: heise online)

This will take a while. Ter our case, wij waited around four hours.

You can see how far this has progressed by beginning a 2nd Geth example. Open a 2nd guideline line and execute

which will open an interactive prompt. Type “eth.syncing” which will make Geth demonstrate you where you are ter the blockchain (currentBlock) compared with the total length of the chain (highestBlock).

You will be able to commence mining when Geth has finished synchronising the blockchain.

The instrument GPU-Z shows the workload of graphics cards te the system. While you are mining, this should permanently vertoning 100%. This means the system will get sexier than during normal use. Good cooling is therefore a vereiste. (Source: heise online)

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