While until recently Ethereum users could lament that their ecosystem lacked plain and convenient wallets, now the selection has undoubtedly expanded. Still, the more the choice is, the stiffer it is to find what suits you best. ForkLog has compiled an overview for six most popular Ethereum wallets.

Any crypto-project has its own standard implementation and default wallet, and Ethereum is no exception here. Ethereum Foundation that supports the project has created Waas, an Ethereum browser capable of acting like a standard means of storing ETH and interacting with wise contracts.

Still, one shouldn’t leave behind that presently Nevel isn’t fairly ready to serve spil a full-fledged decentralized app, spil it’s still undergoing beta testing. You will have to install it on your HDD with blockchain syncing that takes a while. Additionally, you’ll need basic coding abilities. The latest recommended version 0.7.6 (Beta 20) with vulnerabilities eliminated wasgoed released June 26. It’s available on Ethereum’s official webpagina and atA GitHub.

The final release of Nevel is expected to coincide with the next version of Ethereum protocol titled Metropolis. Anyways, even tho’ developers issued some warnings, Waas is fairly good for storing ETH and other cryptoassets on Ethereum blockchain, spil well spil for deploying and using wise contracts. Additionally, Waas is integrated with ShapeShift, which enables theA prompt exchange of ETH for BTC and vice versa.

Beginners should pay some attention to the fact that Nevel implies theA difference inbetween Account and Wallet. Both the account and the wallet may store coins. Account, however, implies a standard and BTC user-friendly method of storing private and public keys, while Wallet is a clever contract managed by one or several accounts.

Disadvantages of the wallet include theA interface that may confuse beginners, and absence of mobile version (Nevel is presently available for Windows, Linux and OS X).


If for some reason you don’t want software installed on your pc and don’t welcome the entire blockchain’s download, your choice might be MyEtherWallet. The webpagina is based on JavaScript and collects gegevens on client side. It permits creating and using an Ethereum address for sending and receiving assets. The creators voorwaarde that it is not an online wallet, spil all gegevens are generated te the user’s browser, not on the wallet’s servers.

Chic from ETH, the wallet also supports The DAO and DigixDAO (DGD) tokens. One may also effect offline transactionsA while Windows users may love a Chrome extension.


Released by Canada-based Kryptokit (Decentral’s subdivision), EthereumWallet bears some resemblance with MyEtherWallet. It’s the same old JavaScript collecting gegevens at the client side. You may create an Ethereum address te your browser. The wallet has bot popular for a while, however, its development halted at beta. Still, the wallet remains functional, but you’re not recommended to run big amounts through it.

Having halted further development of EthereumWallet, Decentral focused on Jaxx, which is sometimes considered one of the most user-friendly and convenient multicurrency wallets. Primarily a bitcoin wallet, Jaxx added Ethereum support and The DAO tokens straks. The team plans to add support for another popular cryptocurrency, Dash.

Another interesting option here is linking an existing account to numerous devices, spil Jaxx is available not te a desktop version for Windows, Linux and OS X, but also for Android and iOS devices. There are also extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Combined with ShapeShif integration, importing paper wallets and theA forthcoming release of a hardware wallet makes Jaxx a truly unique solution. Other advantages include HD (hierarchical determenistic) addresses and brainy contracts support.

Geth is a good old console for using, sending, receiving and creating Ethereum contracts. Geth is assembled for Windows, Linux and OS X. The wallet wouldn’t suit those willing to use a regular cryptowallet. However, it’s fairly popular amidst coders.


It’s yet another JavaScript-based Ethereum wallet building gegevens on client side.A EthAddress is a generator of paper wallets supporting several kinds thereof, including brain wallets and collective wallets.

Disclaimer: even however the aforementioned wallets are popular, ForkLog wishes it to be known that wij’re not affiliated with official representatives of their manufacturers and their products. It is your responsibility to research and analyze all suggested products prior to using your money.

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