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Students use a quill schrijfstift, inkwell, slate and a slate pencil ter this examination of writing te a 19th century Canadian schoolgebouw. Exercises include learning about zindelijk schoolgebouw etiquette, practising volmaakt handwriting and making a quill schrijfstift.

Students explore the writing of ancient Egyptians using self-directed activity booklets and a scarab reproduction. Activities include reading the inscription on the scarab, and learning how to write te ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Using a stylus and a plasticine tablet, students are introduced to ancient Mesopotamian writing. Activities include writing plain sentences te cuneiform and examining a reproduced ancient cuneiform tablet.

By comparing a 19th century quilt sample with a modern version, students explore the technical mastery and traditions of this craft. Other activities include studying the pattern of pioneer quilts and reconstructing the geometry of quilt vormgeving.

Students are introduced to the concept of flight and classification of feathers, such spil down and decorative.

Travel to a Japanese tattoo parlour, and druppel ter on an ancient Egyptian party! Through the examination of a diversity of ROM objects and museum reproductions, students are introduced to the language and kunst of bod decoration, across a broad spectrum of cultures and peoples.

Using an ink brush, ink stone and ink stick students are introduced to Japanese writing. Other exercises include an examination of Japanese characters, signature seals, and a modern Japanese publication.

This examination includes playing with contemporary and traditional Japanese fucktoys and games. Activities include drawing a kokeshi (wooden) doll, designing a Japanese kite and learning how to play Jan Kennen Pon.

Through self-directed activity booklets, students learn how to write Japanese numbers and use a soroban (abacus). Activities include writing Japanese characters and doing elementary addition and subtraction on the soroban.

A selection of Japanese dishware and utensils introduces students to traditional and modern Japanese cooking. Areas explored include food prep, dishware decoration, and learning how to use chopsticks (hashi) and a rice spanking paddle.

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