The chipmaker Nvidia has altered the terms of service for its GeForce and Titan graphics cards to prohibit their use ter gegevens centers, or large-scale commercial or research settings. An exception is included for using the cards for blockchain applications, primarily mining cryptocurrency such spil Ethereum.

The update, very first noted by UK tech webpagina The Register, means organizations running large-scale, intensive applications like artificial intelligence, big gegevens or pic recognition will have to invest ter the much more expensive cards aimed at gegevens centers. While a high-end GeForce graphics card can cost upwards of $700, enterprise processors like Nvidia’s Tesla V100 run to almost $Ten,000.

Nvidia’s switch, according to the Register, could present problems for projects that don’t necessarily need the very most powerful processors. The influence on academic research facilities could be particularly acute, but a Nvidia spokesperson told the Register that most academic projects aren’t large enough to fall under their definition of a gegevens center. Further, the spokesperson said Nvidia wasgoed willing to “work with” users making off-license use of the cards.

The alteration reflects at least a minor stress at the heart of Nvidia’s remarkable corporate evolution. Still best known for high-end graphics cards aimed at PC gamers, Nvidia has bot on a sustained diversification shove ter latest years, with a growing footprint ter artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, and, yes, cryptocurrency.

But that diversification is rooted ter Nvidia’s graphics cards, which have long bot powerful enough to be repurposed for other applications. Perhaps most notoriously, graphics cards like the GeForce line have bot used ter latest years to perform the power-hungry mathematics that secure cryptocurrencies like Ether, leading to surging request for the cards.

Te that light, Nvidia’s carving out of an exception for use of their consumer GPUs ter cryptocurrency gegevens centers is intriguing. One possible explanation is that, because the cryptocurrency market is widely seen spil ter the midst of a bubble, Nvidia has not aggressively courted the market and is glad to take short-term card sales.

The company has more long-term motivation to shove adoption of high-end chipsets for AI and other applications — tho’ the company stated that the motivation for the license switch wasgoed simply that consumer-grade cards aren’t designed to operate under the hot and requesting conditions of a gegevens center.

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