At Genesis-Mining – your contract buys a certain level of Hashpower on already set-up mining equipments. You are able to mine using different types of machines – for different types of Crypto-Currency (coins like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, LiteCoin, and others) – all of thesis coins have different prices and values that are permanently switching.

Indeed, you will want to mine using the Sha256 contracts – if you want to mine Bitcoin te a lifetime contract – the other types of contracts for DASH and ETHEREUM are limited to a two year period of time. For all types of contracts they automatically take a service toverfee daily – you are paid daily on some contracts and on others you build up a petite balance before transferring, which is done automatically for you.

Now, IF you signed up at Coinbase – you already have a Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum address and wallet for each coin. To mine DASH or any of another dozen or so coins that they suggest mining contracts for – it’s a bit stiffer to obtain a wallet – spil Coinbase does not carry or support those coins yet. Having the wallet addresses from Coinbase for Ethereum, Bitcoin and LiteCoin will provide you a way to stir your “mined” coins out of Genesis-Mining and into your own wallets at Coinbase.

Coins ter your wallet at Coinbase always have an instant sell or buy price – yes, you can specie out and transfer the fiat value into your canap account. But. with the price of Bitcoin rising and the value of fiat falling te comparison. that may be a bit short-sighted. But – you were promised te this tabulator to tell you what to expect ter the way of terugwedstrijd on your “mining contract” at Genesis-Mining.

Understand that mining Crypto is a long term process – where you leisurely get a terugwedstrijd on your investment – your come back will depend on the coin you choose to mine and its market price. Before that explosion te Bitcoin prices the terugwedstrijd seemed to be about a year – now it’s a matter of months. Even with a 30.00 contract you can earn overheen Five,000 satoshis daily (100,000,000 units te a Bitcoin, yes 100 million) – who knows what that may be valued at ter the future. (the five contracts I have with Genesis for the Sha256 contract generate about 42,000 satoshis a day.)

What you can count on at Genesis-Mining is near 100% up-time on your mining equipment, superb customer service, your choice of coins to mine – and having a long term project with a stable company ter the crypto mining industry. Yes..there are other Bitcoin mining companies and a multitude of prices for the Hashpower ter their contracts – but the prices are similar and I don’t know about their customer service – Genesis I know the customer service and that is why I recommend it.

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