1 from now on, there will be no technical support for any issues arising from the trading of KTC te the field.

Two a week after the line ",cloud mining pool",, please pay attention!

KTC Recharge address update!

Recently, technicians found ter the review process, some members ter the KTC asset withdrawals address ",, the other side of the outer trussed address (actual recharge address)",, for now, ter order to achieve the purpose of asset transfer KTC.

Ter this regard, the company`s technical departments waterput forward some views:

1, KTC recharge address, not personally possessed, it is only the wallet server`s address, but only it is very much, each assigned one. Don`t you have the disk address ",such a wrong idea.

Two, because the KTC recharge address only exists ter the wallet server, if this is carried out, is omschrijving to the server itself to turn itself. So this overeenkomst is not going to toebijten.

Trio, KTC recharge address is not immobilized, it may switch, do not collect, before each recharge, have to copy.

Download the kitcoin.conf verkeersopstopping and waterput it te the wallet installation directory. Restart your wallet software! Spil shown te fig.:

This update can be resolved:

1, slow wallet online, long time display ",no available block source", problem.

Two, wallet transfer card coin problem occurs.

Kitcoin.conf opstopping download: http://www.tcdigital.us/kitcoin.conf

Compressed packet Download: http://www.tcdigital.us/kitcoin.zip

1 login www.tcdigital.us member verhoging. Click on my account",

Two click on the already tied wallet address

Trio pack ter the number of withdrawals, tags (tags can be written), and Google verification code.

Click Submit and wait for system confirmation!

Note: be sure to withdraw your wallet address. If the wallet address is incorrect, the KTC that has bot turned out will not be recovered!

Affixed: how to check the purse address of an electronic purse?

Open the electronic purse, point ",receive",, hook, select ",reuse existing receive address",, click ",request payment",, you can see your, so there is a wallet address!

Get the wallet address and trussing instructions!

1 Open your wallet software.

Two click the receive tabulator, and then click the request payment button!

Three will see the wallet address copy out. (row below)

Four login www.tcdigital.us, open my account, click the fresh block chain asset withdrawals address",.

Five input labels (can write), just copy the wallet address, and ",Google authenticator", 6 dynamic password, submit!

Click: see the details for more details!

Three electronic wallet installation instructions!

1 open the downloaded good electronic wallet software.

Two select using the custom-built installation directory",.

Three the installation directory to select a folder under the D disk, also can make their own arrangements, but cannot choose C below.

Four click ",OK",, and wait a uur to finish the installation.

Electronic wallet startup!

Open the download of the electronic wallet software, you can open. That is, installation files.

KT bitcoin wallet download address http://www.tcdigital.us/upload/kitcoin-qt.zip

Support system: Windows system

Mobile version recently on-line, please look forward to!

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