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Hey, this is one of thesis questions that get asked all the time. Here i will give you my own thoughts about it. And the very first one is: Cloud mining is the best bitcoin investment you can do!

Join hashflare if you want to get into cloud mining today!

Cloud Mining is profitable. I do invest into cloud mining for about 1 1/Two years now. Mainly i use Hashflare spil my mining income, be sure to check them out. They generate mij about $80/day and i’ve only invested $Four,500. You won’t have to waterput te that much tho. Hashflare is providing you a one year contract with any investment you make, that means any money you invest will bring you profits for 1 year. Any money will do fine, here is some example math:

Now let’s say wij are going to invest $1,000.

Wij will invest $1,050 for 7000 GH/s (7 TH/s):

Some more examples:

  1. $500 Investment can bring about $229.26 vanaf month.
  2. $1,500 Investment can bring about $694.71 vanaf month.
  3. $Five,000 Investment can bring about $Two,292.56 vanaf month.
  4. $Ten,000 Investment can bring about $Four,654.59 vanaf month.
  5. $15,000 Investment can bring about $6,947.14 vanaf month.

You can still reinvest all of that money on hashflare. That will make you more money and extend the mining contract for another year for the specific invesment. If you invest for example $15,000 for 100TH/s (100,000 GH/s) then you could earn more then $4241,72 vanaf week after the Week Ten and the initial investment according to the currect bitcoin price that got calculated by preev .

Once you build trust into hashflare you can also recommend it to friends or family. I personaly have many friends who invested into hashflare. You can get an effortless 10% commission for each purchase your referral makes. Be sure to check out their affiliate system.

Yes, HashFlare is one of the most profitable and trusted cloud mining service from all that present on the market.

More overheen, people who stand behind it are well known for other crypto-projects spil well, the thickest is Polibius handelsbank they are making after ICO finished duo of month ago.

HashFlare is one of the most profitable and trusted cloud mining service from all that present on the market.

I have made comparison table with forecast profitability of HashFlare cloud mining service for different mining contracts to make it more effortless for you to choose.

  • BTC mining difficulty isn’t growing recently, because there is lack of ASIC miners available for sale, everzwijn several cloud mining companies have stopped selling mining contracts till spring!
  • So, combining two factors: stable mining difficulty and fat grow ter rente to bitcoin from investors, wij can await it’s future price grow and cloud mining be more profitable than usual!
  • Moreover, maintenance fees are counted ter $, so with high bitcoin price they are low and mining everzwijn more profitable!
  • Bitcoin is now best investment with good profitability and investment terugwedstrijd time.
  • Dash cloud mining is worst investment now, because the difficulty enhanced dramatically after hardware miner wasgoed developed.
  • All incomes counted for 1.000$ invested
  • For BTC &, LTC cost of mining is excluded from the day income, so it’s clear income AFTER maintenance toverfee, not before spil you see te HashFlare panel.
  • LTC is automatically converted to BTC, so te table there is BTC values te LTC columns.
  • All contracts are for 1 year long.
  • BTC &, LTC contracts have maintenance fees, ETH, ZEC and DASH – no extra fees.
  • For BTC &, LTC contracts if profit became less than maintenance toverfee, HashFlare guaranty to work 21 days before close them. Maintenance fees (te %) are fairly low now, because BTC price is high.
  • Profitability ter my table is counted like (income – invested)/invested
  • Forecast doesn’t count enlargening mining difficulty (and switching of block prize te some cases) overheen time, so on long period income ter coins will be smaller than forecasted, may be everzwijn much smaller!
  • Price of coins is volatile, none can grant that it will proceed to grow up, not down, so it’s risky investment!
  • But everzwijn if price will druppel, this doesn’t mean it won’t raise again, ussually much fatter than wasgoed before – so patience is your weapon!
  • Crypto-currencies are volatile investments, so don’t invest more than you are ready to lost ter worst case.
  • Price and profitability for different coins can switch overheen time, so it’s wise idea to diversify your investments into different coins contracts.

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