This “How to add two factor authentication (2fa) to", guide will voorstelling you how to secure your account with the TOTP Google Authenticator format using SAASPASS spil your code generator for a 2nd factor ter addition to your static credentials like just username/password. The SAASPASS Authenticator is enormously popular for the Authenticator format because of the superior features it has to other rivaling offerings. Thesis include:

– Support for numerous devices

– Automatic sync across numerous devices

– Support for Single Sign On and Autofill capabilities (with Username/Password entered)

– Support for Autofill on the desktop with the browser extension

– Support for Autofill te the embedded secure mobile browser

– iPhone and iPad Safari browser extension support

– Capability to create a recovery ter case of violated/stolen device

– Capability to create a recover with custom-built security question

– Capability to restore from a backup or a cloned device

– Capability to use spil a password manager very first and then add the Authenticator format when needed

– Capability to add the Authenticator code for a service from another mobile app if that is supported

– Authenticator format with the most logos (overheen thousands and growing) te the world to clearly identify the different services

– Capability to switch the display name of a service (especially useful for services like Slack which can have the same email for numerous services)

– Security Checkup with recommendation engine ter the Password Manager to lightly identify services that support the Authenticator format

– Search caf — especially useful for users with more than Ten Authenticator codes who have to scroll down

– Edit spijskaart — useful for those who want to reorder the SAASPASS app or the world (that’s a future release)

– Device Management — capability to remote wipe a lost device

– Authenticator codes are encrypted within the SAASPASS app

– TouchID/FaceID support on iOS devices

– Pattern support on Android devices

– Scrambled keypad option

– Speld is not stored inwards the SAASPASS app (eliminating a potential security weakness)

– Support for Apple Witness

– Support for Android Witness

– Haul &, Druppel support on iPads with iOS 11 onwards

– iPad landscape and portrait mode support

– iPad split view support

– Quick copy for Authenticator codes

– Browser launches with Authenticator codes automatically saved

– HOTP &, TOTP support

– Support for 6,7 and 8 digit Authenticator codes

– Support for SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512

– Capability to by hand alter algorithm te advanced options

– Enterprise sharing of Authenticator codes

– Gegevens breach notification for compromised websites and services (based on publicly available news)

Get the SAASPASS two-factor authentication app for free from:

Set up SAASPASS 2FA for AltCoinTrader

Login to your AltCoinTrader account,then on the left side click ‘Profile’

Scroll down and under the Enable Two Factor Authentication, click on the ‘Enable Two Factor Authentication’ button

A QR barcode will emerge that pairs your AltCoinTrader account with the SAASPASS mobile app. You will need to open the SAASPASS mobile app and click on the Authenticator tabulator te the main spijskaart, and then click on the “Scan Barcode” Button. Type the dynamic code that you will see te the Authenticator tabulator ter the SAASPASS mobile app next to the AltCoinTrader Logo ter the following screen, and then click on the “Activate now” button

Done! If you face any issues, please read our FAQ or send us terugkoppeling from within the SAASPASS mobile app

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