It’s no news that cryptocurrency mining is big business and ter a bid to maximize profit, miners have devised various methods of maliciously installing their crypto mining malware on unsuspicious users. Clever television sets and Android phones are the fresh huis for the Monero mining malware.

Monero on Television

Chinese researchers at Netlab360 have recently discovered hackers turning internet-connected gadgets into Monero mining implements. According to CNET hackers have installed malware on thousands of Android phones and Clever TVs and use the resources from thesis devices to mine Monero.

Chinese cybersecurity researcher at 360Netlab, Wang Hui, wrote ter a blog postbode on February Four, 2018, that a cryptocurrency mining malware known spil ADB.Miner has commenced spreading quickly. The malware reproduces quickly using the ADB debug interface on port 5555 to multiply.

Ter essence, the malware exploits the open port that is used to permit a device to communicate with the internet. The cyberpunks search for devices connected to the internet via port 5555, and this helps them find unsecured Android phones and TVs.


So far, the attack has affected thousands of devices. The cybercriminals have already hacked into vast networks of gadgets and harnessed their processing power to mine or digitally create the Monero cryptocurrency. The Netlab360 team said:

“Overall, wij believe malicious code based on the Android system ADB debug interface is now actively spreading ter worms and infected overheen Five,000 devices ter 24 hours. Affected devices are actively attempting to supply malicious code.”

The ZDNet team contacted Google for a comment on the kwestie, but the owners of the Android operating system did not instantly react to the request.

However, the cybersecurity experts did tell ZDNet that the port 5555 wasgoed not opened by the hackers themselves, which would have bot a much more worrying attack. They said:

“The 5555 ADB interfaces of those devices have already bot opened before [they’re] infected. Wij have no idea about how and when this port wasgoed opened yet.”

It shows up attackers find it much lighter to mine cryptocurrency using malware deployed on the internet than through attacking peoples computers and asking for large ransoms. On January 31, 2018, BTCManager reported that hackers embedded Monero mining malware on YouTube ads.

Albeit this malware does nothing else than use peoples system resources to mine cryptocurrency, it is still imperative to guard against them by regularly updating your anti-malware software.

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