Predicting the future accurately is difficult to do but with working contraptions ter your mitts, it’s effortless to come up with possible workflows and then extrapolate loosely.

There are now several powerful, inexpensive and plain Bitcoin instruments available that wij can use to sketch out a speculative workflow for an ordinary Bitcoin user. This imaginary Bitcoin user gets paid ter Bitcoin, and does not everzwijn use a bankgebouw. Thesis are some of the things she does spil a part of hier “Bitcoin Routine”.

Martha works at a Coffee roaster’s office ter London. She uses only Bitcoin spil a 1 for 1 replacement for all hier money purposes. At the end of the week, Martha is paid by hier boss, Amanda. She receives hier weekly wages into hier long term Bitcoin storage by flashing hier Long term storage QR code to Amanda. This QR code is stored on hier Sentinel “watch only” wallet. She can keep an eye on all the Bitcoin going into hier addresses from this device, which if it is stolen, has no access to hier motherlode of Bitcoin. Martha never goes into banks, has vanishingly petite fees and is te total control of hier money.

Amanda runs hier large coffee importing, and roasting business that has international scope. Hier company uses Bitcoin instead of money. All hier Bitcoin is managed on a Ledger Nano-s and she doesn`t use banks. Amanda pays all hier staff, bills and expenses ter Bitcoin, receives payment for hier ground and roasted beans and pays hier foreign suppliers te Bitcoin also. When she makes an order for a shipment of raw beans from fresh suppliers (for example ter Kenya), she pays into a Multi Signature Escrow account service, and the Bitcoin is released to the Kenyan grower when the containers clear customs. Amanda’s accounting procedures are a breeze thanks to Thanks to Pierre Rochard’s work on standardized PostgreSQL tables for Bitcoin Businesses. Every week during payroll, Amanda asks hier employees to flash a QR to hier so she can pay them. The records keep themselves and everyone is paid instantly.

When Amanda’s buyers are out ter the field, contracting for fresh supplies of raw coffee te remote areas of foreign countries, hier buyers can pay growers on the spot. Once the overeenkomst and price has bot immobilized with a handshake, the growers are transferred an OpenDime. Amanda receives a text from hier buyer te the field telling, “Push Ten,000 to QR 33 wij did the overeenkomst!!”, she scans the address into hier Ledger app, and seconds zometeen, the OpenDime has Ten,000 on it. The grower uses Samurai wallet to verify the Bitcoin is on the OpenDime. The grower uses OpenDime spil a form of metselspecie. He can take it to local business who will pay him local currency for it on the spot. OpenDimes are te broad circulation because they are infallible, indestructible and can carry from nothing to millions. They are accepted everywhere globally at face value.

Ultimately, Biodun is a student te Hamburg. He does part time work te a teddybeer guarden while he studies for his management degree. The fecali garden doesn’t pay him Bitcoin, they pay him te contant. Biodun sends his sister Bola money ter Accra every week. He can only send a little bit, but hier other brothers also send hier Bitcoin, and this keeps hier going nicely. Biodun goes to his local supermarket and buys an Azteco Voucher with Euros on his way huis. He redeems his voucher ongezouten to his sister’s address from his phone every Friday like clockwork. The fees to send this money are very puny, and Bola gets the capability to buy anything from anywhere on earth through services like Purse, who never reject hier orders because she is from Ghana. She uses Samurai Wallet to store, manage and spend hier Bitcoin.

With thesis scripts spil a commencing point, you can imagine an infinite number of variations where the implements above getraind te ideally. Everyone saves time, money and hassle. Everyone is ter total control of their own money, and they can do it from wherever they are, at any time. All payments are assured, and never go wrong. Everyone can prove they paid, prove they were paid, and do many ingewikkeld functions where trust needs to be secured, spil ter the case of international shipping of goods secured by Multi Sig.

Bitcoin is used for puny amounts inbetween families, and large amounts inbetween companies. It is everywhere, all the time, and there only needs to be Bitcoin, all alt-coins (what some people call “cryptos”) are redundant. Since everyone is on Bitcoin, you always know you will be able to spend it and work with it with other people.

Thesis four contraptions are just the beginning, but with them, many billions of fiat compressed into Bitcoin will be managed, moved and accounted for, switching the way business is done for millions of people. Spil more of thesis contraptions and the processes they make possible become normal, wij will start to see a large and very sturdy Bitcoin ecosystem emerge. Everyone will ask themselvs…

How did wij live without Bitcoin?

Biodun sometimes tips Beautyon. He made it effortless for him to use Bitcoin!

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