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Ah, le mirage du Bitcoin. A few years back I wasgoed very skeptic about Bitcoin. I thought it will fall spil prompt spil it rose. At that point the price wasgoed about $200, and now Bitcoin is almost $Four,000. Had I invested te Bitcoin back then, I would’ve bot a Bitcoin millionaire by now. I’m sure my practice isn’t unique, lots of others te my situation very likely missed good opportunities. I wasgoed one of those that touted the end of Bitcoin, and my reasoning wasgoed that no way te hell authorities ter various countries would permit it. Any yet, that’s where I wasgoed wrong. The IRS, no matter the country, wants to get a (big) chunk of your money, they’re not interested what form it takes. The source activity that produces those money is of rente, if that’s illegal there’s a problem. But the means of payment don’t count.

And Bitcoin will live long, mark my words. It will live for spil long spil there’s request, and given that it is the main currency for underground transactions the request will never cease. Alongside it, other currencies will rise and fall. Etherum for example. Request is always there spil illegal activities thrive. One underground market goes down, another Silk Road opens up. But, let bygones be bygones.

Ter the meantime all sorts of Bitcoin related sites popped up. It’s like a financial circus te terms of Bitcoin web &, mobile apps. Aside the regular Bitcoin exchanges &, wallets, there are also a loterijlot of other Bitcoin gaming sites, gambling sites and even some called “Bitcoin faucets” that theoretically give you free Bitcoins. Te reality you are served ads and because of the revenue they get off you, they will throw te some Bitcoin crumbs. BitKong is one such example, a browser based Bitcoin spel where basically you tapkast and test your luck ter a pyramid-like scheme.

Anyway, since the concentrate of this blog is Android and mobile related topics, I went and checked to see if thesis Bitcoin faucets are also available spil mobile apps/games. And boy there are fairly a few. My quick analysis shows close to 400 related Bitcoin apps, out of which almost 100 mention te some way or another “Bitcoin faucet”. Most of them are ad-heavy apps, that rely on the revenue they get from you to suggest a very petite chunk back to you ter Bitcoins.

Here are some of the most popular Bitcoin games for Android that help you get some free bitcoins:

Blockchain Spel

Created by Bitcoin Aliens, the spel is fairly popular with close to half a million installs. The company behind it wields several Bitcoin-related properties, so this establishes legitimacy. The spel itself is rather basic, just stack some blocks spil high spil possible and whenever you stack Ten of those you can voorkeur your Bitcoin wins. Here’s a quick overview of how the spel is played:

I didn’t let the ads run downright, but you get the idea on what you can expect ter terms of in-game ads. Even if you mistakenly tapkast and don’t stack those blocks correctly, you get a fresh chance by watching a movie ad to proceed playing. The stacking spel has 100 levels, and you can keuze your bonuses every Ten levels. There’s also a roulette that determines if you get a Big, Medium, or Petite amount of satoshis (fractions of a Bitcoin). Other options to observe ads or install apps are available which give you more satoshis. You cannot withdraw your free earned bitcoins until you reach a threshold of 20,000 satoshis.

So the spel actually gives you free bitcoins, however you can expect to play for weeks before being able to withdraw. And you’re going to be served a loterijlot of ads ter come back.

  • Spel is legit, not a scam
  • Play and win real satoshis (Bitcoin fractions)
  • You only spend your time, no in-app purchases
  • Prizes are fairly petite, high ratio of ads-to-view vanaf earned satoshis
  • Ondergrens payout required is fairly high (around 20,000 satoshi)

Alien Run

This is a newer spel by Bitcoin Alien, and still one that tops the charts with close to 500k installs. This company seems focused on bitcoin-faucet games so this means it’s a profitable business. That aside, it is not a scam spel and it will indeed award you Bitcoin-bits for playing the spel. Just that it will be similar with the Blockchain Spel, since you will need to observe fairly a number of ads everytime you do something. Spil an idea, ter average I think you will get to see around Five ads just to get Ten satoshi (you can think of 1 satoshi spil 1 USD cent).

The gameplay is very basic here, you control a character called Daniel D’Alien and voorwaarde run spil far spil possible advancing through levels. Every Ten levels you are able to eis a Bitcoin satoshi prize or proceed running for a higher amount. There are also daily fresh missions and levels go into hundreds.

  • Company behind it is known, thus the spel is not a scam
  • You do get free Bitcoins spil prizes (fractions of a Bitcoin)
  • All that happens while playing a spel
  • Spel shows a lotsbestemming of ads, ter average you get to see 5-7 ads before earning something
  • Very puny prizes, so you’d need to play a loterijlot to be able to contant out

Free Bitcoin

Yes, this spel has a very “unique” name, you’d never guess what it is about ,). And yes again, the spel is developed by the same dev spil the previous mentioned titles, Bitcoin Aliens. It’s just that they seem to be the most prolific devs of games that give out fractions of free Bitcoins. This title is their very first release and it has inbetween 1 and Five million installs, being te the market for fairly a while. Te terms of reliability you can trust it, spil much spil the others from Bitcoin Aliens, so if you build up enough free Bitcoins by playing it to pass their ondergrens threshold, you can trust it to transfer the money.

Spil far spil the gameplay goes there’s not much here, a very basic spel where the central point is based on your luck. Basically you are shown a list of 20 rectangles with numbers on them, and when you tapkast once it will randomly zekering on one of those rectangles. The amount shown te that rectangle is what you’ll get ter satoshis. There’s also a few BIG ones where you’ll be able to earn much more based on the probability multiplier shown at the top.

You can proceed playing by watching ads and attempting out your luck. Told you, the gameplay is very basic and all relies on luck. Every hour you’ll be able to run the drawing again. You can also get toegevoegd satoshis by performing extra tasks, such spil for example watching some ads, installing apps and so on.

  • Free satoshis, can’t argue with that
  • This is the most popular spel that gives out free Bitcoins
  • The gameplay is very basic, previous Two at least have the resemblance of a spel
  • Prizes are puny, lots of ads spil usual

Wheel of Satoshi

The Wheel of Satoshi is basically a “spin the wheel” spel where the prize is free Bitcoin fractions. It’s developed by JPlabs and has at least 100,000 installs so far. From the user reviews, there are a few complaints about delays te processing payments but the author seems to reply to all and treat the issues. You’ll have to basically spin a wheel of fortune and see how many satoshis you get. Expect ads, spil with previous games, a fresh thing being badges – you get to win some badges based on achievements. The interface looks smoother than Bitcoin Alien’s apps, so that’s a plus.

  • Better interface than the other games
  • Gameplay is a little better, maybe because of badges and blessed hour
  • Some reports te user reviews about delayed payments
  • Complaints regarding the high threshold to reach for payout

Joy For Coin

At the bottom of my list, however with a big question mark spil the user rating is down to Three.Trio which raises a question regarding its legitimacy. It’s a tap-to-spin the wheel spel where you get free satoshis every hour or so. There’s also a scrape and match spel where you have a lottery toegangsbewijs with 6 items and if Trio are the same you win a bit of free Bitcoin fractions.

  • Rating has gone bad lately, so it raises a question ter terms of reliability
  • Very high payout threshold, 250,000 satoshis when your win amount is fairly low

Free Bitcoins

Lastly, a mention of another Bitcoin spel with an “unique” (sneer) name that lets you… drum rolls… win free bitcoins. This one isn’t developed by Bitcoin Aliens (however they have a same named spel), instead it’s developed by PLAY4BTC. The company has 6 free Bitcoin related games that span various gokhal areas (slots, spins, lottery, …). The “Free Bitcoins” one is the only on their portfolio that has a rating higher than Four.Two and has inbetween 100-500k installs.

Not indeed a spel where you can win Bitcoins, it’s more of a Bitcoin faucet where once ter awhile you’re notified you won some Bitcoins. No transparency at all on how those are randomly chosen. Lots of ads spil usual. From the user comments te the Play Store they do seem to pay out amounts overheen 20,000 satoshis, not less. Given that usually you get around 15 satoshis for watching ads, it will take a long time to withdraw something. Still better than Joy For Coin however.

Thesis are 6 Bitcoin games that I toyed around with, to this date I cannot say that I’ve advanced much ter my quest to get 1 BTC, but I’m still attempting. There are a lotsbestemming of Bitcoin games that come in and uitgang the market, so this is a volatile niche. If you’ve played any of the games above or know other Bitcoin games/faucets for Android that you’ve had a excellent practice with, please postbode a comment. Same goes for negative terugkoppeling! Spil far spil the question ter the title goes, if free Bitcoin games for Android are a scam or not, it’s too early for mij to draw a conclusion. But one thing is certain, you’ll need to spend a lotsbestemming of time to earn some Bitcoin fractions, so ter the end it all draws to how much is your time worth.

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