Down The Mine Wij Go

The very first mining pool that I leaped onto wasgoed Alpereum, which has 1493 miners at the time of writing – with 185GH/s of hashrate power amongst the users. Alpereum pays out your ETH mining when you klapper 0.2ETH created, charging a 0.2% toverfee at the time. I’ve bot crunching away with Ten hours of configuring systems, with Ten systems and 28 GPUs inbetween them – it’s almost a full-time job spil it is.


Alpereum is my current Ethereum mining pool, and this will be switching soon. I didn’t want to switch before I wrote this article, spil I had invested close to 50 hours of time into Ethereum mining for the week. There will be a go after up article that will dive deeper into alternative Ethereum mining pools, soon.

Alpereum is a Swiss-based mining pool, which used to be located te a factory, but is now ter a municipality-run foundation te the Glarus Alps. You will need to choose a mining pool closest to you, with Four options: Europe, USA East, USA Westelijk, and Asia. I’m te Australia so the closest to mij is the Asia server, which is why you’ll see “” via my guide.

If you determine to join the Athereum mining pool, you’ll need to work out which pool is closest to you – spil you’ll need this mining pool address ter the future steps:

Alternative Ethereum Mining Pools

There are other mining pools which are far fatter, with:

  • Global mining network with DDOS protected servers ter the US, Europe and Asia
  • All Ethereum miners supported (qtMiner, cudaminer, eth-proxy and ethminer)
  • Efficient mining engine, low uncle rates
  • Wij pay uncles & transaction fees
  • Detailed global and per-worker statistics
  • Invalid shares warnings
  • Third party Android Monitoring App
  • I’ll add more Ethereum mining pools spil wij go on this escapade, but they’re the Three that I looked at before hastily joining Athereum.

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