While the age of using your own rekentuig to mine Bitcoin during spare CPU cycles has long passed, average folks aren’t entirely shut out of the cryptocurrency spel yet. Fortunately, Bitcoin isn’t the only spel ter town anymore, and with GPUs coming down te price it’s possible to build a mining equipment for other currencies like Etherium.

[Chris]’s build starts with some extruded aluminum and a handful of GPUs. He wished to build something that didn’t take up too much space te the petite apartment. Once the main laptop wasgoed installed, each GPU wasgoed installed upwards te the rack, with each set having its own dedicated fan. After installing a fan controller and some plexiglass the equipment wasgoed up and running, albeit [Chris] did have to finagle the software a little bit to get all of the GPUs to work decently.

While this build did use some implements that might only be available at a makerspace, like a mill and a 3D printer, the hardware is still within reason with someone with a little contant searing a crevice te their pockets. And, if Etherium keeps going up ter value like it has bot since the summer, it might pay for itself eventually, providing that your electrified utility doesn’t charge too much for power.

And if you missed it, wij just ran a feature on Etherium. Check it out.

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If you’re going to encourage people to mine ‘Ethereum’ at a time when it’s about to stir to Proof of Stake, please spell it correctly

Ethereum has bot “going to switch to PoS” for fairly a while now, and it’s bot waterput off for so long there’s talk of forking again to take out or delay the difficulty bomb.

Keurig. The POS algorithm “caspar” is not ready yet, but the Difficulty Bomb is looming and the very first signs of it going off are being spotted spil the time inbetween blocks is commencing to increase.

To delay this the developers have planned to implement a 40% block prize reduction to go along with the upcoming Metropolis upgrade. This would artificially induce a Mining Crash on ethereum causing miners to abandon it for other coins thus bringing the difficulty back down to safer values.

Is a good thing truly. Te a way Ethereum has a hard-cap te how much miners can earn from it so unless all the other coins abruptly become just spil fast-growing spil ethereum the Miners will be ter for a nasty suprise.

I’m more pissed at the extreme unexpected hike te cost of graphics cards at the time when I’m attempting to assemble a general compute unit …

I am also annoyed that GPU prices are where they are at the same time I am thinking of substituting my just-over-3-year-old GeForce GTX 750 with something better (something able to treat e.g. the Fallout Four super-high-res texture pack)

They are telling Q4 or Q1 coming up there will be a release of newer cards that are more targeted for mining and cracking – headless ter some cases. Most of the “experts” I have talked to think buying a GPU now for those things is stupid. However, if this is the case – there will be many higher end cards available at better prices (used) for people that are going to upgrade their systems for gaming. I’m not sure who to believe, waiting for mij seems to always be a fools deed, since many times the newer cards usually have driver issues that need to be resolved – and many don’t run on older systems anyway. Keep your fingers crossed.

A GPU card that has bot used for mining will most likely be very worn and near death, running 24/7 on total blast does a number on the VRM blocks.

And when you do get find a well priced card you have no idea if it has bot run at 100% apparent fountain 24/7 and is on its way out

No doubt, there are problems. I might argue the opposite tho’. A mining equipment is built to treat warmth, and other stresses that you wouldn’t get from buying a used gaming system GPU. Games usually have the effect of going from low GPU usage to max GPU overheen and overheen again, where spil a miner equipment is setup to squeeze the maximum amount of value from the system – so the GPU power is usually lowered spil much spil possible (85% power) and the clock is enhanced, but this results te a consistent use of the card, little no throttling like a gaming system. I’m betting that’s better for the card. But yes, there are systems – like on a cracker, that they run maximum power and clock/mem clock on the GPU, since the aim there is speed, not efficiency. And I did say used – but it should also open the market up for higher end cards fresh – that will be redefined spil 2nd tier with the fresh cards pushing them downward.

Is someone advertising for someone here sure seems like it Two of the same thing te one week.

Bet this could be done on a 555 timer CD4017

If you look at the price of bit coin, I think you will understand why there is so much rente ter it.

A lotsbestemming of the request for bitcoin is that the transactions using it can lightly be made untraceable, so its very likely ideal for all sorts of shady dealings including tax dodging and money laundering. Its possible that governments will eventually come up with some way to regulate it, but it might take a while (a bit like how its taken so long to catch up with unregulated filesharing on the internet).

It isn’t untraceable, but unlike a canap, you can’t just walk ter with a judge-signed paper telling them to forearm overheen all the informatie, there is actual work to be done by experts and that costs time and money, usually costing more then the harm being done by the illegal act. The same goes for any attempt at seizing the funds, you have to actually steal them, there is no central authority to give an order to seize an account.

“While the age of using your own laptop to mine Bitcoin during spare CPU cycles has long passed, average folks aren’t entirely shut out of the cryptocurrency spel yet.”

Book 1,001 uses for mining because toaster oven isn’t enough. Also wouldn’t a equipment with those no-video GPU mining cards be better? Something meant to run continuously.

The thing would be to run it te the winter so you can use the otherwise waste warmth. After all, a kilowatt of violet wand will become a kilowatt of warmth. A cryptocurrency miner device will create fever at the rate of its wattage so you get “free” warmth. Ter the summer the waste fever adds geyser to the A/C system unless it’s water cooled and the radiator is outdoors. What you want is a cryptocurrency mining device that you can control the wattage of so spil to throttle the warmth it produces.

At least he will have something to warmth the apartment during the winter. With the amount of fever that will give off you don’t need a furnace. Actually, with the cost of cards coming down this makes a little sense – but you indeed can’t challenge with the big mining farms thesis days. And the rules for taxes depending on your State can be tricky too, since any currency mined will need to be proclaimed spil income. Then you run into the entire punt of fluctuating costs of crypto-currency during the year, and power costs. I’m not sure it’s worth the hassle – unless you need a furnace that is. The other problem is power, the amount of power those cards draw means you need numerous 120v circuits, or 220v split up inbetween numerous power supplies, since you will be drawing about 15-20 amps of 110v continuously, and I don’t know a lotsbestemming of apartments that could treat that. It can be tricky, since you need to power the motherboard, the risers from the motherboard, the drives, the cards themselves, and the cooling system. The power supply usually starts at 1300 watts for a petite equipment, and goes up from there. And you can’t buy a crappy power supply either – since it will be running 24/7, and the cards need to be reference movie cards, not OEM. That can be a major problem. Ter other words – there is a lotsbestemming to consider if you are going to waterput one of thesis together to actually make money, and not spend it all on the build, so the motherboard needs to be balanced along with the cards and everything else.

I use my Antminer S5 to keep warm te the winter and get some coins out of it.

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