What is Electroneum ETN?

Do not miss out, this can be the fresh ”Bitcoin”, only time will tell. Therefore mining it or buying it should be a good investment. Stock up on ETN til the time comes that you are prepered to sell it and make lots of money.

If you do not want to mine it yourself but still want ter on the profits you can buy Electroneum cheap (for now) at Cryptopia exchange, the only exchange that of writing time are buying and selling Electroneum/ETN. If you rather buy, you better buy now so you do not lose out!

Now is the time to mine spil much spil you can, because mobile network is still not up, traders who bought pre-sale have their money locked up. Mine mine mine, the tokens will after utter live druppel somewhat and then rise TO THE MOON.

And here is a movie that vertoning you How to Buy the Electroneum from the exchange:

Get a wallet to store your mined Electroneum

(you want somewhere to transfer your mined ETN and store them)

Two. Generate a Offline Paper Wallet and save the .pdf opstopping to a USB. Click here to get Offline wallet generator that you need to setup the wallet. Keep this document safe, you do not want liberate them after you begin getting ETN to your wallet!

A movie that describes What a paper wallet is and How it works:

This is how you Setup and Use the Electroneum wallet:

Get the miner going to earn you some income

Copy Public wallet address from the pdf opstopping (copy one line at the time, there are Three lines) and paste it to the miner where it says: Your ETN wallet address (without space inbetween lines!).

Set Pool region to the one closest/nearest to you

It is using Electroneum offical pools, EU, US and Asia

Choosing the right mining port:

For CPU 3333 (so for this tutorial you want to choose 3333 spil this software ONLY mine ETN on CPU!)

Number of Threads depends on your CPU, choose maximum number of threads possible for it. Intel i3, i5, i7 newer cpu’s ALL have 8 threads.

Here is a movie on how to setup the miner:

Spil you look at the income flow of ETN (Electroneum) and then convert it to USD you will notice that there is not much of income. Here you need to think fatter! Electroneum has just bot released on the market, It is ter early stages and looking at other crypto discussions this is the next big thing. The ETN (Electroneum) price today will soon sky rocket and your puny amount of ETN will also sky rocket te price!

Trust mij on this one, just keep mining them. If you have a good CPU and GPU (Graphics card, like GTX 1070 or similar), MINE ON BOTH! The time is now to do this! I will publish alot of articles here on how you can setup everything to maximize the profit!

This article wasgoed written to get you commence earning your very first ETN swift while reading up more on how to make it more profitable.

Read up, keep your pc, computers running. That is it! Soon you can sell your ETN on the market and make lots of money, or keep holding them for the long run and make even more ter the end.

I’m presently running my mining on my laptop with an i7HQ CPU and a GTX 1070 graphics card and are making good progress. Using your Grapics card is way more effective! But recall, you can mine on both of them at the same time. Check back here soon for more guides on doing this.

This is how you can check your earnings and mined ETN

Just type ter your public key on the webpagina to get the information.

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