Blockchain Technologies, FinTech and Wise Contracts Development

CoinFabrik specializes ter Cryptocurrency, FinTech and Blockchain software development services

Wise Contracts Development

Implement wise contracts to automate enforcement ter RootStock and Ethereum. Wij can write your brainy contract’s code securely.

Wise Contracts Audit

Security flaws, misbehavior and inefficiency are very expensive when you deploy a Wise Contract to the Blockchain. Wij help companies to make the best Wise Contract code.


Develop safe and reliable cryptocurrency exchanges.

Blockchain Development

Implement cryptography-based technologies to store immutable gegevens. Wij can help you choosing which of your processes are suitable for this technology.


Develop Financial, Health Care, Retail, Manufacturing, etc. private blockchains on Hyperledger.

Private Blockchain Development

Implement a private blockchain ter your institution or corporation.

Loan Gegevens Sharing

Use the blockchain to share credit information inbetween different banks to avoid numerous loan requests using the same documentation.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Implement a accomplish supply chain on a blockchain to track the entire process te a single place. Collaborative Commerce enables trade fucking partners interact ter a frictionВ­free manner, gaining deep visibility into their supply chain so they can make brainy forecasting decisions.


Protect traditional wallets and multi-signature wallets to ensure s ecurity.


Fund your product ideas with Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) on Ethereum. Wij can develop your Clever Contracts securely.


Instruct your team to understand the development on blockchain technologies and be ready for the next moves.

Proof of Existence (PoE)

Create your own notary registry. Wij can license our document registry system built on top of Ethereum for private or public blockchains. It permits users to manage and sign documents.

Wij have more than 20 years of practice building and reviewing security applications, and have active te the cryptocurrency field. Wij have designed fresh bitcoin-related cryptocurrency protocols and discovered and reported various security vulnerabilities.

Our software development service includes helping customers define product specifications, designing UI & UX vormgeving, integrating applications, QA, deploying the product to a hybrid cloud environment, and continued support.

Unrivaled Technical Expertise te Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Development

Our blog is utter of knowledgeable articles by our team of experts ter the field. Our reputation is based on our work for many top blockchain influencers.

Quick Responders

Wij understand the time pressures of technology implementations and software development. Our team can efficiently integrate with yours to reach your goals.

Customizable Solutions

The market does not suggest software to gezond every business’ needs. Wij can work with you to find the best way to do what you need done. Our thorough skill of presently available technology permits us to write your solution on top of existing software when designing something from scrape is unnecessary. CoinFabrik provides utter stack services including Brainy Contract development, back-ends implementing RESTful APIs, web Dapp gevelbreedte completes, and mobile applications written for iOS and Android.

Security Experts

CoinFabrik’s founders come from the software security industry. All team members are familiar with security threats and know how to develop secure Wise Contracts and secure code ter general. Wij take pride te our cautiously written code.

Cryptocurrency Volgers

Wij have bot playing with and working on blockchain development from the early stages. Wij use and accept Bitcoins. Wij believe ter blockchain technology’s capacity to disrupt Fintech.

Jaxx Wallet: Multi-cryptocurrency wallet back-end and infrastructure

Jaxx wallet is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet which is able to send and receive currencies, and convert them using ShapeShift integration.

CoinFabrik built back-end infrastructure for overheen Ten different cryptocurrencies including elaborate ones such spil Monero and Zcash. Wij also integrated Jaxx with Ethereum clever contracts.

Rootstock: Implement Merge-mining

RSK is an open-source clever contract toneel with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin. The RSK network uses PoW prizes like Bitcoin does.

CoinFabrik modified Bitcoin Core to add opcodes for side chains, adapted pool servers for merge mining, and implemented the BIP-R10 Bitcoin improvement proposal with segregated witness support (segwit).

TrustStamp: Identity verification using wise contracts

CoinFabrik developed a clever contract which stores user identity information. This information can be viewed te the contract but can only be altered by TrustStamp.

Wayniloans: Peer-to-peer Lending

Taking out loans ter South America is difficult and many people are outside of the financial system. Wayni Loans makes it effortless to get a loan by using a social network based system to rate borrowers, and bitcoin to bypass local currency regulations.

CoinFabrik wrote a back end that interacts with a Bitcoin knot to perform transactions. Wij built a database to optimize transactions and reduce fees paid by borrowers and lenders.

Sig3: Anti-fraud detection using multi-signature wallets

Multi-signature technology permits Bitcoin / Ethereum wallets to require more than one signature to approve transactions.

Using this technology, Sig3 is registered spil a cosigner ter a multi-signature wallet and automatically cosigns the transaction based on the user’s security policies. However, if a transaction violates a policy, Sig3 withholds its signature and notifies the user of the policy disturbance via email or text message.

CoinFabrik developed both the pui end and the back end.

CryptoKit: Support for elliptic curve on OpenPGPJS

CryptoKit wished to use Bitcoin and Ethereum keys for secure messages, but OpenPGP did not support the required elliptic kinks (RFC 6637).

CoinFabrik added this support and created a pull request to add it to the OpenPGPJS project.

Sergio Lerner

Sergio has bot working ter information security since 1994. He is presently active te the cryptocurrency community and has discovered several vulnerabilities and proposed overheen 50 vormgeving improvements, some of which have become part of bitcoin and is one of the creators of RootStock (RSK), the most promising brainy contract toneel. He also blogs frequently at Bitslog.

Pablo Yabo

Pablo began working te the laptop security field te 1997. Since then he has bot responsible for designing a multitude of security-related products and leading product development teams, very first at Core Security Technologies and straks at Nektra Advanced Computing which he co-founded with Sebastian Raul Wain ter 2003.

Sebastian Raul Wain

Sebastian began out spil a white hat hacker te 1995. He is presently focused on software architecture and systems integration and specializes ter guiding customers through the process of honing their ideas into a finished vormgeving. He continuously surveys industry trends for arousing developments.

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