Much is happening ter the bitcoin mining gegevens center world, and not all of it is good. While two major players ter the space, BitFury Group and KnC Miner, announced big expansion projects, another player, GAW Miners is going down ter flames, the latest ter its story being official fraud accusations by the SEC, which called GAW a “Ponzi scheme.”

While some bitcoin mining gegevens center capacity is leased from traditional gegevens center providers, most of the world’s blockchain servers run te massive warehouses quickly outfitted with high-capacity power and cooling systems but not almost spil much redundancy spil designed into regular gegevens centers.

If gegevens center providers were somewhat weary of leasing space to bitcoin mining companies that suggest mining services or host mining hardware before the shakeout that commenced last year, caused by a acute druppel te value of the digital currency, they are much wearier now.

C7 Gegevens Centers has sued mining company CoinTerra, which had defaulted on debt and stopped paying to the gegevens center provider for services. CoinTerra also had a sizable deployment with CenturyLink, but CenturyLink wasgoed quiet about the Ten MW of capacity the mining rock-hard leased from it.

Here’s a roundup of this month’s developments ter the bitcoin mining gegevens center market:

SEC Accuses GAW of Running Ponzi Scheme

Homero Joshua Garza, also known spil Josh Garza, and his companies GAW Miners and ZenMiner have bot accused of defrauding investors via a elementary Ponzi scheme, according to the SEC. Garza allegedly promised investors high comes back from his cloud mining business but never built the scale of computing power he wasgoed describing to them, paying comes back to existing investors using money raised from fresh ones.

Garza told us ter an vraaggesprek last year that GAW, also known spil Geniuses at Work, wasgoed operating 12 gegevens centers at the time and that it wasgoed on track to making $150 million ter sales annually. The company has bot sued by the utility Mississippi Power for unpaid electrical bills, and a group of investors and customers have bot pursuing legal activity against GAW since earlier this year.

KnC Building Fourth Sweden Gegevens Center

KnC Miner announced plans to build a fourth bitcoin mining gegevens center on its campus te Boden, Sweden – a petite town about 20 miles north of Lulea, huis to Facebook’s massive European gegevens center.

KnC’s fresh gegevens center will have 30 MW of capacity. The company has bot expanding capacity at the webpagina rapidly, very first announcing a Ten MW gegevens center ter Boden te 2014, and then unveiling plans to build out another 20 MW the same year.

Boden is huis to another bitcoin mining gegevens center operated by a company called MegaMine, which leases the facility from gegevens center provider Hydro66.

BitFury to Launch Liquid-Cooled Facility te Republic of Georgia

BigFury Group said it will launch its third gegevens center te the Republic of Georgia this week. This will be a 40 MW facility, where servers will be cooled using immersion-cooling technology by Allied Control, a company BitFury acquired earlier this year. The cooling system is based on a vormgeving by 3M, the company that supplies the dielectric fluid used te the system.

The cooling technology enables the company to pack up to 250 kW vanaf rack while substantially reducing energy consumption of the cooling system, the company said te a statement.

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