H110 Voor BTC” title=”ASRock > H110 Professional BTC”>

– Sapphire Black PCB

– High Density Glass Fabric PCB

ASRock Total Spike Protection (for all USB, Audio, LAN Ports)

ASRock Live Update & APP Shop

– Supports CPU up to 91W

– Digi Power vormgeving

– 8 Power Phase vormgeving

– Supports Intel ®, Turbo Boost Two.0 Technology

– Two x DDR4 DIMM Slots

– Supports DDR4 2400/2133 non-ECC, un-buffered memory *

– Supports ECC UDIMM memory modules (operate te non-ECC mode)

– Max. capacity of system memory: 32GB *

– Supports Intel ®, Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) Two.0

– 15Ој Gold Voeling ter DIMM Slots

– ACPI Five.0 Compliant wake up events

– SMBIOS Two.7 Support

– CPU, DRAM, PCH 1.05V Voltage multi-adjustment

– Gen9 LP, DX11.Trio, DX12

– HWA Encode/Decode: VP8, HEVC 8b, VP9, HEVC 10b (For 7 th Gen Intel ®, CPU)

– HWA Encode/Decode: VP8, HEVC 8b, GPU/SW Encode/Decode: VP9, HEVC 10b (For 6 th Gen Intel ®, CPU)

– Max. collective memory 1024MB * *

– Supports DVI-D with max. resolution up to 1920×1200 @ 60Hz

– Supports Accelerated Media Codecs: HEVC, VP8, VP9

– Supports HDCP with DVI-D Port

– Supports Total HD 1080p Blu-ray (BD) playback with DVI-D Port

– Supports Surge Protection

– ELNA Audio Caps

– Giga PHY Intel ®, I219V

– Supports Wake-On-LAN (Supported on Black PCIe Slots only)

– Supports Lightning/ESD Protection

– Supports Energy Efficient Ethernet 802.3az

– 12 x PCI Express Two.0 x1 Slots

– 1 x M.Two Socket, supports M Key type 2230/2242/2260/2280 M.Two SATA3 6.0 Gb/s module

– 1 x COM Port Header

– 1 x Chassis Intrusion and Speaker Header

– 1 x CPU Fan Connector (4-pin) *

– Two x Chassis Fan Connectors (4-pin)

– 1 x 24 speld ATX Power Connector

– 1 x 8 speld 12V Power Connector

– Two x PCIe Power Connectors-1 x SATA Power Connector

– 1 x Pui Panel Audio Connector

– 1 x USB Two.0 Header (Supports Two USB Two.0 ports) (Supports ESD Protection)

– 1 x USB Three.1 Gen1 Header (Supports Two USB Three.1 Gen1 ports) (Supports ESD Protection)

– 1 x PS/Two Keyboard Port

– Four x USB Two.0 Ports (Supports ESD Protection)

– Two x USB Three.1 Gen1 Ports (Supports ESD Protection)

– 1 x RJ-45 LAN Port with LED (ACT/Listig LED and SPEED LED)

– HD Audio Jacks: Line ter / Pui Speaker / Microphone

– ASRock APP Charger

– ASRock XFast LAN

– ASRock Instant Flash

– Two x SATA Gegevens Cables

– 1 x Screw for M.Two Socket

– CPU/Chassis Fan Tachometer

– CPU/Chassis Quiet Fan (Wagen adjust chassis fan speed by CPU temperature)

– CPU/Chassis Fan multi-speed control

– CASE OPEN detection

– Voltage monitoring: +12V, +5V, +Three.3V, CPU Vcore

– Solid Capacitor vormgeving

– Microsoft ®, Windows ®, Ten 64-bit / 8.1 64-bit / 7 32-bit / 7 64-bit (For 6 th Gen Intel ®, CPU)

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