News from Abelium d.o.o.

Wij visited the Chinese Academy of Sciences Representatives of Abelium and the Andrej Marusic Institute of the University of Primorska, visited the Cloud Computing Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences ter July 2013. Jun Legal, 2013

Abelium presenting at CCCC 2013 Dr. Alen Orbanic wasgoed an invited speaker at the China Cloud Computing Conference, presenting the Abelium’s cloud service edu.Plexor. Jun 06, 2013

Success te the competition D4D Abelium associates participated te the competition D4D (Gegevens for Development) and were invited to the conference NetMob 2013 at MIT May 20, 2013

Abelium mentioned spil an example of good practice on Views of Slovenia Company Abelium d.o.o. wasgoed mentioned on the informative talk vertoning Views of Slovenia with its innovative service iOliva. Jan 16, 2013

Successful te the Research voucher call The company Abelium wasgoed successful with application for the Research voucher call Jan 16, 2013

Successful te the ARRS call The company Abelium wasgoed successful with application for the call for (co-)financing of research projects Nov 26, 2012

The best Service innovation te 2012 award iOliva – Prompt and Reliable Olive Quality Harvesting Prediction May 29, 2012

Wij received a special award for the most innovative service With the product iOliva Abelium ranked among the finalists for “Best Cloud Service Award 2012” and ter this category received the award for the most innovative cloud service. Nov 30, 2011

Successful te obtaining future top-level experts Wij succeeded at a public call from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology for strengthening the development Aug 01, 2011

Successful at the European Science Foundation call Abelium spil a playmate on a research project GReGAS te the company of Slovenian universities. Jul 01, 2011

Our project IREPSYS will be supported by the EUREKA initiative Our company succeeded with project application for R&,D project IREPSYS at the EUREKA 2011 initiative. Jun 28, 2011

Successful ter the ARRS call Abelium wasgoed successful with two applications for the call for (co-)financing of research projects Oct 08, 2010

Successful te the call VALOR 2010 The company Abelium d.o.o. wasgoed one of the six selected companies ter the call “Promoting skill transfer – VALOR 2010.” May 01, 2010

Abelium ter technological park Ljubljana Wij have successfully passed a test and were accepted ter the circle of high-tech companies

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