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Back ter September, Ethereum core developer Nick Johnson penned an interesting lump to sum up some of the reservations he had for up-and-coming cryptocurrency company IOTA and its blockchain-alternative, Tangle.

While he insisted the postbode wasgoed merely intended spil a critique addressed at some of the vormgeving and architecture flaws he witnessed ter the technology, the situation escalated quickly, ultimately leading up to a minor Twitter argument inbetween Johnson and IOTA co-founder, David Sonstebo. Continue reading

Exploit published te December makes cracking unpatched Oracle servers effortless.

by Sean Gallagher – Jan 9, 2018 Five:12 pm UTC

Ter a report published on January 7 by SANS Technology Institute, Morphus Labs researcher Renato Marinho exposed what shows up to be an ongoing worldwide hacking campaign by numerous attackers against PeopleSoft and WebLogic servers that leverages a Web application server vulnerability patched by Oracle late last year. Continue reading