That may seem like a lotsbestemming of steps, but it isn’t so bad. The good news is you are also depositing your litcoin into a segwit enabled address which will help reduce fees. To learn more about SegWit, click here.

If you need help setting up your TREZOR Wallet you can check out our utter guide here.

Go to the webstek and connect your TREZOR Wallet to your rekentuig. Input your Speld number onto the speelgoedpop up (your Speld padachtige will showcase on your TREZOR device.

Select your Litecoin Wallet from the dropdown at the top lefthand side of the screen. This dropdown will let you go to all of your different cryptocurrency wallets that your TREZOR wallet presently supports.

Click the Receive tabulator next to Transactions at the top of the screen. You will see your Litecoin M-address next to the QR code. This address needs to be converted to the fresh address beginning with a “3”. Copy the address beginning with an M and stir on to the next step.

Click on the M-address converter verbinding to obtain SegWit address

Spil shown above, click on the listig (third one down) to convert your M-address to the adequate SegWit enabled address. We’ll talk more about why this address needs to be converted te a 2nd. Copy this fresh address beginning with a “3”.

Paste SegWit address address spil the destination address from your sending wallet

For this example, I’m using Coinbase. Paste this fresh address spil the destination address from your sending wallet.

You can learn more about using Coinbase te our utter review here.

Send Litecoin!

Succesnummer the send button, and sit back and unwind. My Litecoin wasgoed transferred to my TREZOR Wallet almost instantly!

If you have everzwijn seen the error message below when attempting to send Litecoin to your TREZOR Wallet, you are not alone. Keep reading to find out why!

Litecoin’s Fresh SegWit (P2SH) Address

When Litecoin implemented SegWit, a switch of the addresses were necessary.

Litecoin needed to switch the prefix from their fresh SegWit enabled addresses te order to avoid confusion with Bitcoin address, an M wasgoed added to the beginning of the address. Depending upon where you are sending your Litecoin from, and where the destination is, an address conversion may be needed.

After running into an error sending Litecoin from Coinbase to my TREZOR Wallet, I thought that a quick postbode may help others who are looking to have a better understanding of the conversion process. If you need help sending bitcoin to your TREZOR, you can check out or guide.

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