BITCOIN is approaching the hugely symbolic $Ten,000 mark spil well spil JPMorgan now backing it. Jamie Dimon CEO of JPMoragn famously called bitcoin a “fraud”. Now the investment bankgebouw has told its clients that a bitcoin-based exchange-traded fund (ETF) could be the “holy grail for owners and investors”.

22.15 – UPDATE – Bitcoin now falls below $Ten,000

According to CoinMarketCap, bitcoin is now at $9,988.

21.44 – UPDATE – Could Litecoin overtake bitcoin?

Michael LaVered of cryptocurrency news webpagina Oracle Times says Litecoin could potentially overtake bitcoin ter price spil the latter &ldquo,is having difficulty scaling to the level needed for general commerce&rdquo, with high fees and longer transaction times.

He wrote today: &ldquo,The litecoin could be the solution. Litecoin combines all of the benefits of Bitcoin, but with shorter transaction times and lower fees.

“It has bot on the forefront of bitcoin innovations, implementing SegWit [soft fork switch te Bitcoin] early last year and now suggesting the possibility of lightning network and atomic exchanges.&rdquo,

17.42 – UPDATE – Bitcoin is back above $Ten,000

The cryptocurrency’s current value is $Ten,046 with an increase of 8percent today.

16.49- UPDATE – Far more expensive to mine bitcoin te South Korea than it is ter Venezuela

According to Elite Fixtures, a lighting and furniture hard it is far more expensive to mine bitcoin te South Korea than it is ter Venezuela.

Mining one bitcoin ter South Korea costs $26,170. On the other arm, it costs $531 to mine one bitcoin te Venezuela.

Venezuela is also programma on releasing the Venezuelan cryptocurrency the &lsquo,petro&rsquo, which will be backed by the states oil, gas, gold and diamond reserves. Many see this digital asset spil an attempt to get around US sanctions.

16.45 – UPDATE – Bitcoin is edging closer and closer to $Ten,000 .

Presently, bitcoin is valued at $9,891. Will it kasstuk the $Ten,000 sweet spot today?

Backing from JPMorgan is thick for bitcoin especially after Jamie Dimon’s comments referring to it spil a ‘fraud’. A report into bitcoin conducted by JPMorgan says that bitcoin is “unlikely to vanish downright and could lightly sustain te varying forms and shapes among players who desire greater decentralisation, peer-to-peer networks and anonymity, even spil the latter is under threat”.

Like numerous other financial companies, JPMorgan sees value te blockchain technology.

This news comes spil Imperial collegium Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering seems to be attracting more students. Every month they hold a blockchain event where 100 -200 student attend.

Bitcoin is presently priced at $9,732.

A Ukrainian hacker operation has bot exposed

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COINHOARDER: Tracking a Ukrainian Bitcoin Phishing Stadionring DNS Style

Ukrainian ‘poison ad’ hacker group is exposed

A Ukrainian hacker group dubbed Coinhoarder has bot exposed by Cisco&rsquo,s Talos cybersecurity team after stealing more than $50 million te cryptocurrency from users of Blockchain.informatie, one of the most popular providers of digital currency wallets.

The report exposes how thieves mastered a &ldquo,very elementary&rdquo, technology through buying Google ads on popular search keywords related to cryptocurrency &ldquo,to poison user search results&rdquo, and snatch the contents of crypto wallets.

Ter brief, if you everzwijn searched for terms like &ldquo,blockchain&rdquo, or &ldquo,bitcoin wallet,&rdquo, you would see linksaf to malicious websites masquerading spil legitimate domains for Blockchain.informatie wallets.

The &ldquo,massive phishing campaign&rdquo, wasgoed part of a six-month investigation inbetween Cisco and Ukraine&rsquo,s Cyberpolice.

Facebook banned all cryptocurrency ads earlier this year, and now Google is reported to be working to root out abusive ads.

11.00am – UPDATE – Big sell? BTC falls

Bitcoin has fallen to $9,667, losing a large chuck of the day’s gains.

9.18am – UPDATE – ‘I regard the Bitcoin craze spil totally asinine’

BTC is priced at $9,936, a $458 dollar rise on the day so far.

Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum and all other cryptocurrencies should be &ldquo,demolished&rdquo, by the US Government because they are a &ldquo,poison&rdquo,, a billionaire investor who wasgoed the deputy to Warren Buffett has proclaimed.

Charlie Munger, 94-years-old, is an utterly successful Chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, but he criticised the digital currencies while addressing a crowd during a two-hour meeting ter downtown Lade.

Ter answering a question from an impatient listener he criticised the enhancing rente te cryptocurrencies spil stupid.

He said: &ldquo,I regard the Bitcoin craze spil totally asinine.&rdquo,

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