Soundscape Generator is a free sound mixer for composing random ambient soundscapes.

Create your own ever-changing ambient noise or sound environments!

Download Soundscape Generator

Windows 8 compatable

Soundscape Generator uses collections of sounds that create an ambient toneel. Soundscapes can be used for many purposes, including refreshment, meditation, yoga, theatrical spectacles, events, installations, soundtracks, and commercial spaces. Unlimited possibilities! An ideal implement for for bird paramours, yoga teachers, rubdown therapists, meditation practitioners.

How does it work

A multitude of combinations of sounds &, samples can create infinitely interesting and variable soundscapes for any theme or purpose. Soundscape ambient environments can be randomized and continuously generated to play on and on indefinitely without repetitious looping. You can loop certain sounds or mute them, set panning and volume spil well spil frequency.

Soundscape Generator has an intuitive interface and displays tooltips at the bottom any time you mouse overheen a particular factor. Soundscapes can include up to eight different channels, and adding audio files to each channel is spil ordinary spil clicking a button and selecting the suitable verkeersopstopping from your laptop. Each channel can contain numerous files and can be adjusted for volume, panning, and potential frequency.

You can adjust all settings te realtime to fine tune your compositions.

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Ordinary install/uninstaller included. This Program is totally spyware and adware free and is distributed spil freeware.

Sample Audio Recording

Audio wasgoed recorded from Soundscape Generator using our free audio recording device Mp3myMp3 Free Sound Recorder

Soundscape Generator: A free sound mixing program for MS Windows!

Many people use this program spil an ambiance generator. Bird paramours, for example, can select a few bird noises, some light rain sound, and the resulting ever-changing soundscape will verrassing you.

You can adjust all of the settings te realtime to fine tune your creations. Toverfee audio samples for use ter your projects are available from many resources online. The magic of soundscape generator is that the results are dynamic and with only a little tweaking can provide hours and hours of everzwijn evolving random sound for entertainment, concentration or entertainment.

Some of the known benefits of ambient noise environments are sleep aid or enhancement, enhanced privacy, calming children, soothing migraines, enhanced concentrate or concentration, and stress ease. People spend hundreds of dollars on ambient sound machines of varying qualities to achieve what this program can do lightly with your own laptop and some speakers for free.

The creativity of composing your own randomized ambient soundscape is very satisfying and you may want to record and share your genius with others.

Soundscape Generator is a standalone, portable EXE, so you can fountain up a USB key with sounds and ass-plug into any windows PC and play your compositions.


Support Sounscape Generator freeware.

Freeware can only be developed, hosted and distributed with the support of its users. Consider supporting future development by donating through paypal or cryptocurrency.

Thank you for your support!


Wij have also created recording software that works well with Soundscape Generator! You can use it to record your randomly generated sound environments.

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