My name is Atreya Smith and I wasgoed born te Santa Monica, California te 1956, and presently live ter Switzerland near Lake Geneva. I have had an rente ter Indian philosophy since 1975. I began to explore the Upanishads, classical philosophical texts, at the age of 17 and joined the Vedanta Society of America to further my studies te 1976. I moved to India te 1987 to investigate on a more profound level. While ter India chronic health problems eventually led mij to examine traditional Indian medicine, or Ayurveda.

At 15 years-old I wasgoed diagnosed with a hereditary form of compound scoliosis (idiopathic kyphoscoliosis) and wore a back brace until the age of Eighteen. Spil a youthful adult, I commenced attempting out different systems of health care because I had done the utter treatment available for my problem with modern medicine – brief of surgery to waterput a stengel brochure te my spine. Being ter California and Oregon te the 1970’s permitted mij to practice many different forms of treatments such spil rubdown, acupuncture, naturopathy and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many of the therapies that I attempted te my 20’s helped mij, however, none of them indeed lasted very long or helped te the long-term management of my problem.

This kleuter of disorder boundaries a bit some physical movements, more importantly it just causes abate to acute agony depending on the health of the intervertebral disks, connective tissues and if nerves become implicated. By my mid-thirties I had osteoarthrosis and the ache levels had enlargened. Essentially, I began to examine and use Ayurvedic medicine for myself and never imagined that it would become my life. I have described my discoveries and the processes I went through te my books. Basically, what happened is that I found Ayurveda, and to a lesser extent Hatha Yoga, talent mij the contraptions to manage my degenerating spine and agony associated with that. I began by learning and practising ‘energetic’ methods, then outward methods such spil oil rubdown and then step by step studied the entire system with a specialization ter herbal pharmacology. I became well known ter the field for my work on adapting food / diet and Western herbs to the Ayurvedic system.

1 am one of the few Westerners who has the unique qualification to have lived and studied Ayurveda ter India from 1987 to 1994. Ter 1992, I wasgoed awarded the name ‘Atreya’, an honorific name that means “the son of Atri” – one of India’s good immortal Rishis by my teacher te Lucknow. Te 2005, I wasgoed awarded the title of ‘Vaidya’ from my teacher of pharmacology te Varanasi, India which translates spil ‘a knower of classical medical texts’, commonly used instead of the term ‘doctor’ for traditional practitioners of Ayurvedic medicine ter India. I finished my BSc ter biology through correspondence ter 2003 spil I wasgoed missing the last year and half of university, I had left for India without completing schoolgebouw. I have bot a professional health care provider of traditional Indian healing methods since 1987 and am a member of the American Herbalist Guild, USA. I have studied with several eminent professors of Ayurvedic pharmacology and have specialized ter the application of traditional pharmacological methods to European and North American botanical resources.

All this leads us to Ayur-Vidya and why I invested years of my time to create this system and webstek. The real problem today is that there is so much wrong information, or ‘fad’ information, on the web that it is hard to know what is real or not. Even medical experts te allopathic (modern) medicine do not agree with each other, so how can the normal person sort this out and remain healthy? Of course, not to mention, how to afford the treatments, either chemical or ‘natural’.

This system, via the webstek, offers a time proven system – adapted to modern times and foods – for the normal person, or the professional, to diagnosis and treat themselves. Ayurveda works or it would not still be around and regardless if you think it is 1500 or 5000 years old, it is still not a passing fad. It is a real medical system that is based more on functions than structure and strives to treat the person, not the symptoms. If you use this webstek you will find enough basic information to take care of yourself and avoid getting sick, or if you are having problems this system can help you recover your health. It certainly has worked for mij, even tho’ my problem is not curable I am able to manage it and live a normal life thanks to Ayurveda. I hope that everyone can benefit from the information on this webstek and the herbal combinations I have developed overheen the last 23 years that when used with a keurig diet and lifestyle will, ter most cases, restore health.

Thanks for your time ter reading this,

Vaidya Atreya Smith is the author of 15 books on Indian healing methods and Ayurveda. His textbooks are used by a number of Ayurvedic schools te Europe, North America and South America. His books are published ter Ten different languages and distributed across the world. Atreya is on the training staff of three schools. He is the director of the European Institute of Vedic Studies that is based ter Switzerland. He commenced the European Institute ter 1998 to promote the skill of Ayurveda, Jyotish, and traditional methods of healing from India. Having a background spil a clinical practitioner since 1987 he is able to present Ayurveda to the Western culture te a elementary and concrete manner. With overheen twenty years of instructing practice and overheen thirty years of clinical practice Vaidya Atreya Smith is a very sought-after teacher te Europe.

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