CEX.IO is most likely one of the oldest cloud mining providers. They have proven reliable and secure. It is not just a cloud mining provider, spil well it has a built ter trading feature, where you can trade your GHS to Bitcoins. The keyword is buy low – sell high. Altough this has bot very difficult ter the last months, spil of right now the BTC/GHS rate only knows one way – DOWN! If you are not a good trader, wij recommend to not invest into CEX.IO, because it is kinda difficult to make a profit there. With the fresh trading toverfee it is unlikely to make a profit even however you might be an advanced trader. The GHS you buy are for a lifetime, and unlike PBMINING they come with a high maintenance toverfee. Presently 0.00045 vanaf GHS/Hour. This makes it very unprofitable for anyone who just wants to mine Bitcoin ter the cloud and doesn’t trade. A plus is that CEX.IO instantly pays you out when you reach 0.01 . Like most other cloud mining providers they have a refferal system albeit you only get 3% of what your refferal user bought. Buying or selling some GHS is truly effortless, just fund your account with some Bitcoin and place a buy order. To sell GHS just place a sell order.

What made us blessed to see and use is, that now you can also mine and trade Altcoins (Presently IXC, DVC, LTC and NMC). If you have GHS on CEX.IO you will mine Altcoins at the same time with Bitcoin mining, this process is called merged mining. Merged mining does not affect your Bitcoin mining at all. If you determine to go with CEX.IO wij recommend that you activate the two factor authentification to ensure maximum security for your account. A indeed nice feature is, that you can reedem physical hardware if you have enough GHS ter your account. Hoverboard I (115 – 190 GH/s), Hoverboard II (300 – 400 GH/s) and BitBox (450 – 550 GH/s). Just voeling the support and they will calculate the shipping cost and time. Albeit the support will react you very slow. With CEX.IO you will mine te the GHash.IO pool.

+ Investments spil low spil 1 GHS

+ Two factor authentification for your account

Difficult to trade for trading beginners

No possibility to purchase GHS with a credit card / Paypal

+ Effortless to understand advanced live instrumentenbord

+ Display of your active orders

+ Option to trade or sell your GHS

+ Registered business te the United Kingdom

Accusated by users for manipulating prices

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