Honorary Perverse Cat: Djordje Kadijevic

Perverse Cat: Heavenly Shift (Isteni muszak, Hungary, 2013, Mark Bodzsar)

-Special mention: Asmodexia (Spain, 2014, Marc Carrete)

Melies d’Argent: 24 Hours with Lucia (24 horas con Lucia, Spain, 2013, Marcos Cabota)

-Special mention: Mocking Death – The Tutorial (France, 2013, Victor Druillet, Norman Jangot)

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How to transfer: Bitcoin to Paypal

After earning some Bitcoin via Cloud Mining and HYIPs wij got to the point, that wij want to transfer some of the profits and earnings out of our Wallet. But then wij asked ourselves the question: How to exchange Bitcoin to PayPal?

It wasgoed more or less effortless to buy Bitcoin, but to sell Bitcoin without paying high fees te a secure way wasgoed not effortless. Continue reading

With all the hype around Bitcoins&rsquo, amazing spectacle, (which wij have covered recently here and here) fairly often the topic arises if Bitcoin mining is worth it. Spil with many of thesis questions te the financial field the reaction is always “It depends”. It depends on a lotsbestemming of things actually:

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Gravity forms are by far the most advanced form management solution for WordPress based websites. Creating advanced voeling forms with verkeersopstopping upload, integrated payments, custom-built fields has never bot lighter thanks to built-in visual form editor. Gravity forms are built for simpleness and ease of use. Continue reading

What is Electroneum ETN?

Do not miss out, this can be the fresh ”Bitcoin”, only time will tell. Therefore mining it or buying it should be a good investment. Stock up on ETN til the time comes that you are prepered to sell it and make lots of money.

If you do not want to mine it yourself but still want ter on the profits you can buy Electroneum cheap (for now) at Cryptopia exchange, the only exchange that of writing time are buying and selling Electroneum/ETN. Continue reading

When wij were talking about mining, wij mentioned a difficult puzzle that a miner has to solve. What is this puzzle and what is it for?

Before reading this article, I suggest you read thesis two articles

So what is the puzzle that has to be solved by a miner?

The puzzle that a miner has to solve during the block creation is called proof-of-work. Continue reading

What Dogecoin is, how you can get it and whether the investment is truly worth your time!

Cryptocurrencies could be the next step te the way wij do business with each other. Bitcoin, for example, wasgoed very first released not that long ago, and it is still causing a loterijlot of commotion. And since its debut, many other cryptocurrencies have bot released spil well. Continue reading