Very first off, I know this postbode is a little late ter the spel spil it is becoming less profitable for amateurs to mine Bitcoins, and that there are more efficient ways to go about this. But I am writing this anyways for posterity’s sake spil I know for a fact there are people out there who have idle Raspberry Pis and are looking for a project. Continue reading

Three of the four finalists ter the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s Gegevens Provenance Challenge are leveraging blockchain technology to address the accountability, privacy and security issues associated with sharing electronic health information.

Gegevens provenance involves the capability to trace and verify when and who created information, how it has bot used or moved among different gegevens sources, and how it has bot modified across its lifecycle while it has bot exchanged. Continue reading

Proof-of-work mining has a few serious problems. Every day, networks like Bitcoin, Dash, and Litecoin become evermore centralized. Industrial-scale mining operations that burn through electric current have waterput the power to control the networks ter the mitts of just a few. Individual miners have to rely on mining pools to rival. Continue reading

So you’ve determined to step into the world of cryptocurrency. You’ve bought your very first Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Litecoin (LTC) on Coinbase (Many people will refer to thesis spil the Big Three), and now you have friends talking about XVG, NEO, OMG, WTC etc. Coins such spil thesis are what wij refer to spil altcoins. Continue reading

Spil the price of bitcoin shoots past fresh highs since the commence of the year, the uitzicht of so-called bitcoin mining becomes more and more alluring. Not remarkably, companies that provide bitcoin mining-related hardware, such spil high-power graphics cards, are profiting from the bitcoin mining boom. Continue reading

Five years after the nation’s worst offshore oil spill, the industry is working on drilling even further into the risky insides underneath the Gulf of Mexico to tapkast massive deposits once thought unreachable. Opening this fresh frontier, miles below the bottom of the Gulf, requires engineering feats far beyond those used at BP’s much shallower Macondo well. Continue reading

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Picture a colossal mass of stengel and metal floating ter the open ocean. From all sides the structure is cascading with cranes, platforms and workers that all emerge to be ideally stable and at ease. Oil equipments are a true feat of innovation and never fail to make an impression. Continue reading

Rezultat razvoja novih tehnologij te razumevanje, kaj bodo prispevale k razvoju oglasevalskega ekosistema, povzemamo v zapisu o tehnoloskih trendih za leto 2018.

Tehnologija predstavlja platformo, infrastrukturo, ki definira nacin delovanja. Zivimo v svetu, kjer se digitalizacija dogaja na vsakem koraku ter mocno preobraza vse panoge, tudi oglasevalsko. Continue reading