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It seems spil if the cryptocurrency markets are preparing for another round of bearish pressure. Gratefully, some altcoins are still putting up a good fight.The Litecoin price, for. Continue reading

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It’s bot a bad month te crypto-city.

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is trading at $7,076 — a 7% decrease ter the last 24 hours and a 34.6% decrease on a monthly onderstel. Continue reading

Economics, stale memes, and distraction from productive activity

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Academic B.S. spil artificial barriers to entry

Paul Romer complains of “mathiness” te macroeconomics. Paul Pfleiderer talks about “chameleon” models. Ricardo Caballero says macroeconomists encourage the “pretense of skill”. Continue reading

The U.S. District Court has issued a final judgement against two Connecticut-based bitcoin mining companies, ruling that each wasgoed run spil a Ponzi scheme.

GAW Miners and ZenMiner vereiste each pay $Ten.Three million ter disgorgement and prejudgment rente, ter addition to a civil penalty of $1 million. Continue reading

Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer online lending toneelpodium which permits you to earn high comebacks on your investments and help fund businesses globally with Bitbond’s dollar and bitcoin denominated loans. Signing up only takes seconds and you could be making your very first bitcoin investment ter just a duo of minutes. Continue reading

  • KnCMiner Cloud Serivces
  • Reviewed by: Digiconomist

KnC Cloud ( wasgoed launched te September 2014 providing Bitcoin cloud mining services from Sweden. The company’s legitimacy has bot evaluated based on the items listed below. Every individual voorwerp has bot checked for the presence of visible crimson flags or warning signals. Continue reading

Understanding tomorrow, Today!

Laws about Bitcoin are te a gray area today across the world. I studied documents from the Reserve Bankgebouw of India’s public repository surrounding Virtual currencies and prepaid solutions. I happened to investigate two documents about Prepaid Payment and Foreign Exchange Management Rules, 2000. Continue reading

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Back ter September, Ethereum core developer Nick Johnson penned an interesting lump to sum up some of the reservations he had for up-and-coming cryptocurrency company IOTA and its blockchain-alternative, Tangle.

While he insisted the postbode wasgoed merely intended spil a critique addressed at some of the vormgeving and architecture flaws he witnessed ter the technology, the situation escalated quickly, ultimately leading up to a minor Twitter argument inbetween Johnson and IOTA co-founder, David Sonstebo. Continue reading