The Man Who Planted Trees - Jean Giono

The Man Who Planted Trees

By Jean Giono

  • Release Date: 2017-02-13
  • Genre: Classiques


«  For the character of a human to reveal truly exceptional qualities, one needs to have the good fortune of being able to observe his actions over many years. If his actions are free of all egotism, if his guiding principle is unequalled generosity, if it is absolutely certain that no reward was sought anywhere and his ideas have left a visible impression on the world; one has, without any doubt, found an unforgettable character.
About forty years ago, I went on a long hike, in heights unknown to tourists, in these ancient regions of the Alps which extend to Provence.
This region is bordered to the south and south-east by the central course of the Durance, between Sisteron and Mirabeau; to the north by the upper course of the Drôme, from its source until Die; in the west by the plains of Comtat Venaissin and the foothills of Mont Ventoux. It encompasses the whole northern part of the department of Basses Alpes, the southern part of the department of Drôme, and a small enclave of the department of Vaucluse. ».
The full text is presented with an index. Each of the chapters is illustrated. A dictionary of explanation of the main "difficult" words of the text is also integrated (glossary). It is possible to read or to listen to the texts, each of the chapters offers a music or an acoustic atmosphere of introduction.