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Blockchain adds a variance called nonce te each block. This nonce is like a salt added to the contents of a block. Due to the introduction of nonce, the hash output of the contents of the block will switch.

The puzzle that miners solve is to identify the value of nonce so that the hash output of the block being mined starts with a specific number of leading zeroes. Continue reading

One of Dash’s main claims to fame is the meteoric rise to $120+ USD prices. Now might be a good time to grab a lump of the pie. Build up high prizes te a network that has yet to be saturated to the point of the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Best Dash Mining Hardware

Dash indeed has ASICs that have bot made for mining. Continue reading

Pagina 1: The Basics Of Bitcoin

Pagina Two: Confessions Of An Accidental Bitcoin Miner

Pagina Three: The Mining Algorithm And CPU Mining

Pagina Four: GPU-Based Mining And Mining Programs

Pagina Five: FPGA- And ASIC-Based Mining Devices

Pagina 6: Financial Aspects: Revenue

Pagina 7: Financial Aspects: Costs

Pagina 8: Financial Aspects: Income And Profitability

Pagina 9: Other Crypto Currencies

Pagina Ten: Bitcoin Mining Te 2013

By now, you’ve very likely heard all about Bitcoins. Continue reading


The Trezor: January Four, 2016: 7.Four BTC = $Trio,000

Ter January 2016, I spent $Three,000 to buy 7.Four bitcoins. At the time, it seemed an entirely worthwhile thing to do. I had recently commenced working spil a research director at the Institute for the Future’s Blockchain Futures Laboratorium, and I wished firsthand practice with bitcoin, a cryptocurrency that uses a blockchain to record transactions on its network. Continue reading

Before wij even begin: Wij do not know the journalists who recorded the vraaggesprek and wij do not know Roger Verafgelegen. Anyone who had access to this movie could have retrieved the private key.

Wij could have simply named this postbode “How excellent QR code are and how wij recovered one from almost nothing.” But it’s much more interesting when the QR code is the key to a $1000 Bitcoin Specie wallet. Continue reading


February 23, 2016

Blockchain has become the tech buzzword of our time, well at least of latest months. Whilst it wasgoed originally conceptualised spil the way te which digital (crypto) currencies like Bitcoin work, it has become more than that, with incredible potential. I wished to make sense of it, and to understand the opportunities it offers for revolutionising almost any type of process. Continue reading