iExec, a blockchain-based cloud computing podium, releases its white paper.

Ethereum proceeds to influence the computing world at an unprecedented rate. Ethereum-based technology has bot implemented ter a number of practical use cases te various fields, such spil banking, real estate, supply chain management, and now cloud computing. Continue reading

by KLmoney @klmoney8

Contract Accounts and Contract Wallets

From Chapter 1 wij know that Ethereum has two types of accounts: One type, which wij have bot referring to simply spil an Account , wij already are fairly familiar with having created them and stored ether ter them. The other type of account is the Contract Account . Continue reading

While the age of using your own rekentuig to mine Bitcoin during spare CPU cycles has long passed, average folks aren’t entirely shut out of the cryptocurrency spel yet. Fortunately, Bitcoin isn’t the only spel ter town anymore, and with GPUs coming down te price it’s possible to build a mining equipment for other currencies like Etherium. Continue reading

Everzwijn wondered how mining works and whether its possible to make money from it?

You most likely seen ads on Facebook and Carousell selling cryptocurrency mining equipments. The sceptic te you might instantly raise the crimson flag and ask: “If [insert cryptocurrency here] mining is so profitable, then why aren’t thesis sellers using thesis machines for themselves? Continue reading

Analytics software that lets companies track what you see and do on a webstek has another worrisome capability: it can scoop up your passwords, too.

On Monday, researchers at Princeton University said four different webstek analytics providers have bot accidentally collecting the password credentials from unsuspicious users. Continue reading

If you are looking to mine Bitcoins, then MinerGate is the right place to be. With the increase ter cryptocurrency mining amongst forex traders, there came to be an enlargened need to use a miner that is up to scale. MinerGater offers a cryptocurrency GUI miner of its own class. It boasts of a plain to use interface that has high appeal. Continue reading

Approximate Bitcoin Mining efficiency process devised by University of Illinois researchers is slated to improve the mining process by about 30 procent.

People always want to get the most out of their bitcoin mining equipments and rightly so. The difficulty levels of bitcoin algorithm are enlargening daily and mining has become a competitive affair. Continue reading


On Friday, MIT Technology Review published an article on the cryptocurrency IOTA. The headline stated that the currency “could outperform Bitcoin.” However, wij here at the MIT Media Laboratorium have issues with the story. Specifically, my colleagues te the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) recently uncovered a gaping slot te IOTA’s software. Continue reading